Friday, October 8, 2010

Scottish Lies About The Incidence Of Assisted suicide

Scottish pro-deather MP Margo Macdonald tried to hoodwink the hearings about her assisted suicide proposal by pointing to about 55 assisted suicides a year in Oregon. Well, the only problem with this assertion is that there’s absolutely no way to know how many assisted suicides happen in Oregon, because we have to rely entirely on the info given out by the state, info that has a ton of loopholes. And yes, as noted in the piece, it’s far more accurate to look at how many deaths happen in the Netherlands – much higher.
Suicide Bill Death Toll Clash
A MOVE to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland could result in up to 1,000 deaths a year, it was claimed yesterday.
MSP Margo MacDonald has predicted her Bill would help about 55 terminally ill people to end their lives each year, based on the experience of the US state Oregon.
But yesterday at a Holyrood committee set up to scrutinise her plans, SNP member Michael Mathson told her: "Your legislation is much closer in parallel to Dutch legislation.
"The number is closer to 1,000. That's significantly different." more

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