Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thoughtful Piece Against Euthanasia From NZ

Here’s an interesting piece opposing euthanasia in New Zealand.
There's much more to death than dying
Death is not something we choose or control, no matter how much we try.
The Commercial Approvals Bureau has decided to give provisional permission to Exit International to screen a television advertisement advocating for euthanasia.
The same advertisement was banned in Australia and Canada a couple of months ago.
It shows a sick man saying, "Life is all about choices. Like, I chose to go to university ... like I chose to marry Tina ... What I didn't choose was being terminally ill. I didn't choose to starve to death because eating is like swallowing razor blades ... I've made my final choice, I just need the Government to listen."
Those who support euthanasia say that merciful doctors would help people end their life under these circumstances.
A few months ago a dying doctor hit the front page of the newspaper when he petitioned New Zealand for compassion, and a law change. This is where the rubber hits the road. What on earth do we do with it? more

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