Friday, October 8, 2010

Calls For Euthanasia To Be A "Human Right"

Well, many of us saw this coming: The call to make euthanasia a “human right.” These days, every advocacy group for just about every issue is bleating that their cause should be a “human right.” Just saying: We’re in terrible cultural shape when we start to see advocacy for killing as a any kind of right, human or otherwise.
Choosing one's time of death is a basic human right
EMOTIONAL terms obscure the facts of euthanasia.
I AM distressed by the confusion and disgruntlement surrounding the discussion of euthanasia. Even the admirable Paul Kelly gets it wrong (The Australian, September 29). He refers to euthanasia as "legalised killing", implying that those who support euthanasia want someone to do something to someone else. The word kill occurs seven times.
If we take away the labels such as euthanasia, kill, murder, suicide, we can look at the issues.
The people who join the Dying with Dignity movement simply want to die with dignity. more

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