Monday, October 11, 2010

More Pro-Deather Lies In Aussie

Here’s a fabulous example of media spin from the pro-deathers. Aussie Doctor calls for euthanasia, ostensibly because patients will be “suffering.” Well, that’s a canard because palliative care can take care of that kind of suffering. Read a little further and you get to the nitty-gritty – what the good doctor actually meant was that if your quality of life is poor, then, ergo, you are suffering, therefore you should be allowed to kill yourself or be killed (by the good doctor, of course). Lies, all lies.
Doctor pleads to end suffering
A Queensland doctor has made an impassioned plea for terminally ill patients to consider declining medical treatment which may only prolong their "torture".
In an anonymous open letter published in Brisbane's Courier Mail on Monday, the doctor called on Australians to openly discuss the topic of death.
He wants people suffering incurable diseases such as cancer and heart disease to think about whether they want to spend their last moments receiving potentially painful and invasive medical treatment or be with their families. more

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