Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some Aussie Sense In The Euthanasia Debate

Here’s an Aussie member of parliament who makes a lot of sense.
In the next two and a half months we will see the greatest Parliamentary assault on pro-life and Christian family relationships ever experienced in 190 years of the NSW Legislative Councils existence.
More pieces of legislation before Christmas will attack Christian rights and beliefs. It is time every Christian became active at every level of political involvement, in prayer and financial support.
Of particular concern is the Euthanasia of the dying, the suffering and the disabled.
The fear of seeing a loved one suffer has led many to believe that the compassionate response is to send them on to an early death. Indeed, as medical science enables people to live longer and to overcome more and more disease, there is a fear that many elderly patients are being kept alive artificially and against their will. more

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