Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Pro-Deather "Autonomy" Lie

Ah, yes, people dying on their own terms. Let’s change the context: John Q. Citizen died today, on his own terms. He always thought traffic laws were oppressive & discriminatory. Yesterday he exercised his human right to autonomy and drove the wrong way on the interstate, where he died in a head-on collision. What a bunch of phonies these pro-deathers are!
Dad died on his own terms with his family around him
ROBERT CORDOVER was a marine biologist who spoke seven languages, loved music and theatre and had lived all over the world. So when the time came for him to die he wanted to do it on his own terms.
Diagnosed with the progressive illness motor neurone disease in 2008, he first lost his capacity to speak followed by his ability to swallow properly.
''His mind was still intact but he couldn't speak and then he lost use of the valve between his oesophagus and windpipe, so he choked constantly,'' his son Gideon said.
''First he was choking on food, then on air and saliva.
''It was a horrendous disease to watch. We were just watching him wasting, knowing that there was no chance of recovery.''
Mr Cordover, who lived in rural Tasmania, sought advice about euthanasia, to no avail.
''He started asking his doctors for advice but nobody would help him,'' his son said. ''Doctors fear litigation.'' He eventually approached Melbourne doctor and euthanasia advocate Rodney Syme for assistance and was provided with medication which would hasten his death. more

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