Friday, October 8, 2010

A Public Call For Killing Children With Disabilities

As I’ve noted here before, every now and then a pro-deather says what they actually mean – no spin, no euphemisms. Here an open call for killing children with disabilities or terminating their lives before they are born if a disability is uncovered. Yes, yes, it’s eugenics, but who seems to care these days?
Abortion and euthanasia: was Virginia Ironside right?
Virginia Ironside on Sunday Morning Live with her fellow guests.
Virginia Ironside woke the country up with a start on Sunday morning, when she appeared to be suggesting euthanasia for sick children. She told the BBC's rather bloodless spiritualism-lite programme Sunday Morning Live that if she had a child who was in terrible pain, she would hold a pillow over its head, as she would for any living creature that was suffering. more

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