Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minnesota Legal Win Against Pro-Death Weirdo

An occasional win for our side. Weirdo Melchert-Dinkel would troll the web to find people he could convince to commit suicide on webcam while he watched. In at least one case, he succeeded. A judge has just ruled that his “free speech” defense is crap. Good, that’s exactly what it is.
Prosecutor: Encouraging suicide is not free speech
MINNEAPOLIS—A former Minnesota nurse charged with aiding the suicides of two people, including an Ontario woman, was not covered by free-speech protections when he sought out depressed people online and encouraged them to kill themselves, a prosecutor argued in court documents Wednesday.
William Melchert-Dinkel, 48, of Faribault, is charged with two counts of aiding suicide in the deaths of an English man and a Canadian woman, Nadia Kajouji. His attorney has asked that the case be dismissed on free-speech grounds, and argued the state’s aiding suicide law is too vague. more

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