Monday, October 4, 2010

Island Of Sanity In Aussie Pro-Deather Sea

Here’s an island of sanity in the sea of madness that is the Aussie push for assisted suicide & euthanasia. It’s an eloquent argument that wanting to kill people because they won’t live much longer is often incorrect – they sometimes wake up, get better, and live for years.
Tread carefully when dealing with dying
Legislating to kill people is a perilous business.
People want to die all the time, and for a variety of reasons.
More people kill themselves each year than die on our roads - indeed, police believe 10 per cent of the road toll is suicide - but it is not a subject we wish to talk about.
Today we must.
Julia Gillard announced recently that she would allow Labor MPs a conscience vote when the Greens push to legalise euthanasia.
Wouldn't it be great if every bit of legislation warranted a conscience vote? But this is a subject where factions and political parties should play no part.
And, in all conscience, how can we legislate to empower one group of people to have the right to kill another? more

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