Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Take Refuting The Hopelessness Of Terminal Illness

Here’s a great piece pushing back against the pro-deather idea that we should help people kick the bucket at the end of their lives, and makes a case for a final gift of the dying: teaching others how to live.
Dying well: Witnessing death enhances the lives of palliative care workers
After shadowing doctors, nurses, assistants, spiritual care workers and psychologists in palliative care centres in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, researchers found health professionals reported a better understanding of the meaning of life, an increased awareness of spirituality and an acknowledgment of their own mortality.
The idea of dying is a source of discomfort for many, but as a new study proves, death instils in its witnesses a healing wisdom which defies our habitual attempts to deny or control it.
University of Calgary researcher Shane Sinclair completed a cross-country study on the impact of death on palliative care workers and the results, recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, prove how wrongheaded society's ingrained thinking about end-of-life issues remains. more

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