Friday, December 10, 2010

Chinese Go Soft On Murder (Ahem . . .Euthanasia)

Here’s classic case of euthanasia, although not carried out by doctors – that is, of murder. But even the Chinese are going easy on this guy. Too bad.
Man in "Euthanasia Case" Given Probation
A Chinese man was given three years probation by a court in southern Shenzhen city on Thursday for his debated "euthanasia efforts" that led to the death of his ailing spouse, the Guangzhou Daily reports.
The Shenzhen People's Intermediate Court convicted 37-year-old Wen Yuzhang of intentional homicide crime and handed down a reprieved three-year jail term, the lightest penalty for the crime. He was also required to compensate 1.28 million yuan ($190,000) to the family of his wife, Hu Jing.
Investigations showed Wen removed the breathing apparatus and blood pressure monitor from his comatose wife who was receiving treatment at an intensive care unit of Shenzhen No.2 Hospital on Feb 16 last year. more

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