Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ha-Ha: Suicide Is Such A Funny Joke . . .

See, this pro-death stuff seeps into popular culture and diminishes the horror of medicalized and other killing as an act of mercy. Cilla Black is a has-been Brit actress and singer who announced several weeks ago that she’d rather go to Swiss killing clinic Dignitas than have a poor quality of life. This report is about how her sons are now making macabre jokes about shipping old mom off to her death. Ha-ha. Hilarious. Let’s see what happens when Black actually decides to go to Dignitas – I’ll bet the jokes will be far fewer and further between then.
. . . On her comments this month when she said she doesn’t want to live past 75, she says: “I just want my grandchildren to remember me like I am. If I’m 75 and like I am now I’ll be happy. I was stressing that I didn’t want to go like my mother, having to be fed. It’s quality of life not the quantity.”
But her words have left her the butt of her three sons’ jokes.
“My boys come out with all the sick jokes: Surprise Surprise, you thought you were going to Barbados but you’re off to Dignitas!” [a Swiss assisted dying centre] laughs Cilla. more

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