Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Exit Network Tries To Deflect Charges In GA Courtroom

Busted Final Exit Network members tried to deflect breaking the law in a Georgia court today by arguing that encouraging people to die was “free speech.” I think the more damning evidence is the experience of the undercover Fed posing as a terminally ill person, and what happened to him when the group showed him just exactly how they “helped” people die (allegedly by holding down the victim’s hands while they were being asphyxiated) – just in case they changed their minds. Creepy.
Right-to-die group argues Georgia suicide law unconstitutional
CUMMING – Attorneys for four members of the right-to-die group Final Exit Network who are charged with assisting in the suicide of a 58-year-old Cumming man argued Friday that Georgia’s statute covering assisted suicide is unconstitutional and “totally incoherent.”
In a three-hour hearing in a Forsyth County courtroom, attorneys pressed Superior Court Judge David L. Dickinson to dismiss the criminal charges because the state law improperly restricts free speech.
“It infringes on everybody’s right to free speech as it’s written,” said defense attorney Rob Rubin. “It restricts the abilities of citizens to engage in discussion and have debate about end-of-life decisions.” more

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