Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brit police Finally Getting The Message: Trying To Enforce Law Is Futile

The British police are finally getting it: Assisting in a suicide is illegal and punishable under British law, but they’re wasting their time trying to do their jobs because the society just doesn’t have the will anymore to prosecute these aiders and abettors of killing.
Police drop suicide clinic death inquiry of Weston-super-Mare man
Police are no longer investigating the death of a Weston-super-Mare man after claims he travelled to Switzerland to die in an assisted suicide clinic.
The Evening Post reported back in October that officers from Avon & Somerset Police were looking into the death of Terry Martin, 64, of Slimeridge Farm Touring Site, Uphill.
It is believed Mr Martin, who suffered poor health, travelled to an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland to end his own life. more

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