Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, I See: If You Kill Lovingly It's Not Murder

Here’s what things have come to in the UK: Mom tries to kill her disabled son, succeeding the second time. The courts are sympathetic, the media even more so. Here’s what they say in this piece: If you kill someone and if you can convince people you did it out of love and not malice, then, why, it’s not a murder, is it? Disgusting, revolting, and another thread unraveled in the fabric of decency, culture, and civilization.
The law on mercy killing is badly in need of an overhaul
. . . In the original trial, the judge set a minimum term of nine years. The Court of Appeal, in an exemplary judgment, reduced that to five, ruling that when a murderer genuinely believes that his or her crime is an act of mercy, the aggravating features should be disregarded. more

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