Monday, December 6, 2010

Disabled: Let's Kill You - It's In Your Best Interests, Really!!

Ah, yes, it’s in your best interests for us to kill you – at least says a Belgian court. Unborn child has a disability, undetected. Child born with said disability. Parents sue hospital, because the medicos missed the disability, thus, the parents now have a child that should have been detected and aborted. That is, killing the unborn child would have been in the child’s best interest rather than subjecting the child to the “hell” of living with a disability. Breathtaking. Rough Google translation:
. . . This is the first time in Belgium that an appellate court receives such a wrongful life action (wrongful life). Previously, a trial court of first instance of Brussels, released April 21, 2004, had adopted a similar solution, about a child with Down syndrome. more

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