Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sometimes The "Caring" Pro-Deather Mask Slips

While the Aussie assisted suicide push has been defeated, it’ll be back, trust me. Every now and again, too, a pro-deather lets the caring mask of the “right to die” slip to reveal what they really want, and that’s to ensure that people have a duty to die. Read on:
Priority to protect the vulnerable
THE heart of opposition to euthanasia is that the so-called "right to die" would come to be felt by the frailest more as a "duty to die".
During the last national debate on euthanasia one moment crystallised this fear. In 1995 then governor- general Bill Hayden urged doctors to support euthanasia as both an individual right and a positive duty to society.
He described past cultures in which the elderly would commit suicide when their usefulness had passed and declared of our own culture: "There is a point when the succeeding generations deserve to be disencumbered of some unproductive burdens." more

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