Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Propaganda Alert: This Is Hardly A Balanced Report

Propaganda Alert: Read the heading on this piece and then the first few paragraphs. Debate? Nope, this is a piece firmly in the tank for killing. Read everything on this topic carefully, and you’ll soon be able to separate the genuine debate from the pro-death spin.
Year in Quebec marked by emotional debate on assisted suicide, euthanasia.
QUEBEC - Nicole Gladu doesn't know exactly how much longer she is going to tolerate watching herself slowly lose the ability to walk, talk and use her hands. But she finds comfort in the fact that when she's had enough she can opt out.
If by then Quebec or Canadian laws don't let her put an end to her life by assisted suicide, she'll travel to a clinic in Switzerland - with a good friend.
``My great challenge is to live without hope, without becoming hopeless,'' said Gladu, who suffers from post-polio syndrome and whose condition is deteriorating. more

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