Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't Worry - Assisted Suicide Now A Fait Accimpli In The UK

Well, of course Nicklinson wants to go to Swiss pro-death clinic Dignitas to die. He lives in the UK, where the propaganda to kill yourself if you’re not absolutely perfect is a reality now. He’s also worried that of he does, his wife might be prosecuted when she returns to the UK. He needn’t worry – earlier this week the British Government made it clear that they’re already turning a blind eye to the goings-on in Switzerland.
'Locked in’ father: I will go abroad to die unless law changes
Civil engineer Tony Nicklinson, 56, lost all movement in his body from the neck down after suffering a sudden catastrophic stroke on a business trip to Greece in 2005.
He is confined to a wheelchair and can only communicate through moving his head and eyes. Mr Nicklinson wants wife Jane, 55, to help him in a 'mercy killing' but fears she could be prosecuted if she does.
He has vowed to fly out to the assisted dying group Dignitas in Switzerland if an unofficial review chaired by Lord Falconer fails to bring a change in the law. more

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