Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There Needs To Be A Push-Back Against Pro-Death Witnesses At The Falconer Commission

Ah, yes, so it begins at the Falconer Commission hearings in the UK. Out of the woodwork come the disabled to plead for the right to kill themselves, or be killed, in the UK, because it’s very un air for them to have to go to another country that currently allows it. There needs to be a counter balance. Hopefully Nabil Shaban, Liz Crowe, and Alison Davis will speak for our side.
Melksham man gives evidence to assisted dying inquiry
A man from Wiltshire who wants to end his life is to give evidence to the Commission on Assisted Dying.
Tony Nicklinson, 56, from Melksham, has "locked in syndrome" after suffering a stroke in June 2005.
Mr Nicklinson said he did not see why he should have to travel to another country to end his life.
"I am already a cripple. Any civilised society would look after its cripples and not send them overseas so they cannot be seen," he said.
He added: "How much more must I give to take away the guilt of the able-bodied? more

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