Friday, December 31, 2010

Man Commits Suicide Because Palliative Care Was Lacking

I posted earlier in the week the latest victim of pro-death Swiss killing clinic Dignitas. Here’s the latest – Andrew Colgan left a suicide note that blasts all the usual suspects. If you read this blog even tangentially, you’ll know the arguments he made to kill himself and break his mother’s heart. The part that really gets to me is that Andrew’s primary reason for killing himself was pain. There’s no need for that to happen to anyone because we have the means, medically, to make sure people are comfortable until natural death. My suspicion is that living in the UK palliative care was hardly a priority.
How dare they stop me ending my pain?
TRAGIC suicide clinic Brit Andrew Colgan left a heartbreaking letter blasting UK laws for preventing him from ending his life at home.
Multiple sclerosis victim Andrew, 42, had spent months arranging his death at Dignitas in Zurich, Switzerland.
He left his family an 11-page note describing his torment as his condition became unbearable.
Scientist Andrew wrote: "One aspect that really frightens me is how some people's moral attitudes can prevent me from having the end I want. How dare they?
"I have never been so frightened. I wish I could stay in the UK but the laws and general complications here make it necessary to go elsewhere, away from so many things and so many people I love so very much. more

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