Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texas Has This Case Right - It's Murder, Plain & Simple

Well, well. Here’s a classic case of what the pro-deathers want legalized – assisted suicide for all. I’m surprised the pro-deathers haven’t already rallied to Ostfeld’s defense with what a hero he is, etc., rather than what the state of Texas thinks he is (thank goodness) – a murderer.
Man accused of aiding Roseburg woman's suicide faces Texas judge
Roseburg's Jennifer Malone would have turned 31 next week. Instead of celebrating her birth, however, her family is clinging to hope that the man they blame for her death will be punished.
Jeffrey Ostfeld, 34, of Las Vegas is set to stand trial on Dec. 28 in Texas for smuggling animal tranquilizers into the United States from Mexico.
He has not been charged in Malone's May 18, 2009, death, but Texas media have reported there is a videotape purportedly made by Ostfeld showing Malone sitting in a hotel room, crying, complaining about the bitter taste of the tranquilizer and nausea, and saying, “I'm scared.” more

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