Friday, December 31, 2010

US Courts' View Of Assisted Suicide

This got by me when it was broadcast earlier this year. It’s a good piece on legal aspects of assisted suicide in the US.
C-SPAN's Supreme Court Broadcasts: Assisted Suicide
Does the Constitution give a person the liberty to choose death over life?
The Supreme Court in 1997 faced that question in Washington v. Glucksberg and it did so at a time in our nation's history when the question of the morality and the legality of assisted suicide was very much a subject of intense public debate. Much more so than today. The popularity (many say infamy) of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a Michigan doctor who became (and remains) a universal symbol of the issue, was perhaps at its peak. In fact, the case was decided two weeks after jury selection began in the fourth Michigan trial of Kevorkian based upon his conduct in assisting the elderly to die by administering lethal doses of medication. more

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