Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pro-Deather Final Exit Network Supported By Disabled Pro-Deathers

Well, so it begins: As the Final Exit Network gets busted for killing., their supporters, especially the poster-people with severe medical disabilities, come to their defense. Let’s hope that the state of Georgia doesn’t fold as quickly as the UK has after the Debbie Purdy onslaught.
Woman Sues to Overturn Assisted Suicide Law
ATLANTA -- Living with a fatal degenerative disease, Susan Caldwell relied heavily on the support of a Georgia-based right-to-die group. She had tried to kill herself in 2008 by strapping on a helium-filled hood, and just knowing the group - the Final Exit Network - was there for her gave her peace of mind.
Then, the organization went on hiatus in Georgia when four group members were charged with assisted suicide. Awash with anxiety, the 43-year-old Caldwell filed a lawsuit last week asking a federal judge to let the group assign her an "exit guide" who could hold her hand and guide her through her final hours if the pain of living becomes unbearable.
"It is not the illness I fear, it is the suffering it causes," she said. "Final Exit Network provided relief and compassion to people like me." more

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