Monday, December 6, 2010

The Truth About The New UK Pro-Death Commission

Pitcher, in the UK, gets it right about the new Brit commission which is pretty much a pro-deather express, and lays out how devious these charlatans are.
Our two Lords leaping into a euthanasia review are like a pair of turkeys reporting on Christmas
I was on radio last week to argue against the two peers who have done most to introduce euthanasia legislation to the UK – Lord Falconer on BBC Radio 5 Live and Lord Joffe on BBC Radio Wiltshire.
Joffe, it seems to me, wants to replace the comprehensive (and independent) House of Lords report that accompanied his own euthanasia bills in 2005 with Falconer’s entirely bogus and just launched “Commission on Assisted Dying” (bogus because it’s simply a euthanasia campaign group in thin disguise). During the course of our radio conversation, Joffe accused me of “inventing” stories. I had just said that Holland euthanised those who could not ask for it, including new-born babies. more

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