Thursday, December 2, 2010

So It Goes: Murder & "Mercy" Starting To Become One

Ah yes, on the heels of Canadian murderer Robert Latimer getting the kid-glove treatment upon his release, another case from Spain, where a murderer is claiming the “high ground” of “mercy killing” to “end suffering.” We need to be careful, because if murder and “mercy” become inextricably entwined, we’ll hurtle down the slippery slope to Soylent Green very rapidly indeed.
Retirement home worker in Spain admits “mercy killing” of 11 elderly
A former worker of a retirement home in Spain has admitted to the “mercy killings” or euthanasia of 11 elderly by poisoning them with bleach, an overdose of insulin or a cocktail of drugs.
Joan Villa, former worker of La Caritat home in northeastern town of Olot, owned to the death of three of the elderly residents “to end their suffering.” more

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