Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UK Effectively OKs Assisted Suicide

Now the floodgates of death in the UK will open wide. Very  wide. While assisted suicide is still against the law, “clarifications” of the law, under pressure from the pro-deathers, basically communicated that it was OK to assist in a suicide as long as it wasn’t for nefarious reasons. This was especially aimed at people who had accompanied others to Swiss death clinic Dignitas and who were afraid they’d be prosecuted once they returned to the UK. Now, the Director of Pubic Prosecutions says he won’t prosecute anyone under the assisted suicide statutes. What’s to stop assisted suicide now being carried out in the UK itself given the message that’s just been sent?
No charges in 20 assisted-suicide cases as public prosecution is accused of re-writing law
The Director of Public Prosecutions has declined to bring charges against at least 20 people suspected of helping others to commit suicide, it was revealed yesterday.
Keir Starmer QC said the cases were ‘difficult’ and involved families where loved ones were accused of assisting in suicide.
The disclosure provoked fury from anti-euthanasia groups. They accused Mr Starmer, who is in charge of all criminal prosecution decisions, of single-handedly rewriting the law on suicide. more

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