Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No, Advertising Death Is NOT To Foster Debate, It's To Propagandize

Well, we all know by now that the pro-deathers are engaged in a full court press to market death just like hamburgers, hence this sign that’s gone up in Pittsburgh. Whats most disturbing about the piece, I think, is the reporter’s glib agreement that assisted suicide and euthanasia are a human right. Really???? This is how it goes, unfortunately: Stupid reporter claims killing as a human right, laypeople read this, and, being uninformed, assume that yes, it is indeed a human right. Propaganda, lies, spin, erroneous info, all in one sentence. Oh, and by the way, these ads are NOT aimed at "enlivening the debate." For the pro-deathers the debate is long over, it's only that the rest of us poor schlubs are so retrograde and unsophisticated that we haven't quite gotten it yet.
Billboard's aim: Enliven controversial debate Right-to-die group posts
A billboard paid for by the Final Exit Network went up Tuesday at the Boulevard of the Allies and McDevitt Place in Oakland.
A new billboard erected Tuesday at the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and McDevitt Place in Oakland says simply, "Die with Dignity -- the Final Human Right."
Nothing much to argue with about that. But Final Exit Network, the national organization that paid for the billboard and offers its contact information on it, hopes there is plenty of debate in the next month over the right-to-die issues the sign raises. more

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