Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aren't We Lucky? People Think It's OK To Make The Severely Disabled More Disabled

Oh, I see, if you’re the most vulnerable and disabled among us, it’s OK to medically induce even more disability. Why? Because it’s convenient for caregivers. If these people were really honest, why don’t they advocate that this be done to all “bothersome” children?
Stunting disabled children's growth is 'morally permissible,' group says
Four years after Seattle Children's hospital created a firestorm of controversy by stunting the growth of a profoundly disabled girl, a Seattle-based group studying the ethics of growth attenuation has decided the procedure is "morally permissible" under certain conditions.
The 20-member group, which included doctors, ethicists and parents of disabled children from across the country, published their findings in the current issue of the Hastings Center Report, a prominent bioethics journal.
The group was unable to achieve a consensus on the polarized topic, which is often referred to as the "Ashley treatment," after the 6-year-old girl who underwent the procedure at Children's. more

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