Friday, December 10, 2010

Busted Final Exit Network Begins Whining In GA

Pro-death group Final Exit got busted by the feds aout a year ago after they allegedly did more than “help” someone die. They, of course, no due n court, are screaming bloody murder (sorry, couldn’t resist) claiming “free speech” no less.
Assisted suicide group wants charges tossed in Ga.
Georgia's high-profile case against four members of an assisted suicide group that helped a cancer-stricken man kill himself may hinge on what defense attorneys say is a fatal flaw in the state law used to prosecute them.
The attorneys for the four Final Exit Network members asked a judge Friday to dismiss charges because Georgia law doesn't actually ban assisted suicide, but rather restricts the group from advertising its services. The attorneys contend the law violates state and federal free speech laws. more

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