Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even Scholars Swallow The Pro-Deather Line

This appears in the latest edition of the premier US academic paper, the Chronicle of Higher Education. The author is obviously a scholar, and he takes a half-hearted stab at assisted suicide, not having a clue as to pretty much anything he’s talking about. This is the problem – so-called bright people are just as likely to swallow the propaganda of the pro-deathers. Too bad, this piece does nothing to clarify, everything to confuse.
End-of-Life Care and Advice
I turned 70 this year, so I suppose I have another 10 years of life, give or take. . . . I don’t think much about the long-term and certainly not about the hereafter.  . . .
But as the time approaches, assuming I don’t go suddenly in a car accident or with a heart attack, I very much hope I can get some good and experienced counseling. If I am going out with cancer or whatever, I want to know about the predicted sequence and so forth. How long will I be mobile? When will I no longer be able to wipe my own bottom? Will I be in a lot of pain? And that sort of thing. more

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