Thursday, November 17, 2011

Canada: A Critique Of The Encroaching Culture Of Death

Here's a good critique of the current euthanasia debate in Canada related to the BC court case and the report by the Royal Society of Physicians advising that euthanasia become legal.
Confusing the issue
Forget issues of terminal illness and the end of life. The court case that began Wednesday in the B.C. Supreme Court is not about the right to die (you will die) or a right to life (you’ve got that). It is not about the right to be free of pain in the midst of an illness. Palliative care, all agree, is the basis of good chronic care medicine.
One of the confusions in the case and in the Royal Society of Canada’s report on end-of-life decision-making released Tuesday is that they pretend to concern termination by physicians in the late stage of inevitably terminal illness. They are, however, framed to include potentially anyone who, dissatisfied by life, seeks state approval for a medically assisted termination. more

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