Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Often Overlooked: The Spiritual Needs At The End Of Life

Here's a piece worth reading on an aspect of death and dying that too often gets overlooked - the spiritual aspects of the end of life.
Spiritual resources in the face of end-of-life suffering
There are enough people arguing about death in Canada – our right to choose it, our right to involve others to assist, our right to end suffering – that it’s no longer realistic or wise to keep religious views out of end-of-life discussions.
I don’t mean we need clergy at the B.C. Supreme Court, where emotional testimony to legalize assisted suicide is happening. It’s not where they’re wanted.
The court is hearing from 63-year-old Gloria Taylor, a loving grandmother and volunteer with the Kelowna ALS chapter. Since 2006, Ms. Taylor has been slowly slipping away to the perils of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and, according to the court affidavit, “wants to be able to obtain physician-assisted dying services in Canada should she resolve to end her suffering. … She wants the legal right to die peacefully, at the time of her own choosing, in the embrace of her family and friends.” more

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