Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UK: Aussie Dr. Death Spreads His Pro-Death Message

Here's an in-depth piece on Aussie Dr. Death Philip Nitschke's latest foray into spreading the pro-deather word in the UK.
Dr Death takes on a suicide mission... and insists his message is all about life
His books have been banned in his native Australia and his suicide workshops boycotted, Sarah Freeman speaks to Philip Nitschke, alias Dr Death It doesn’t take long for Dr Philip Nitschke to set up for one of his suicide workshops. There’s a computer, a projector, a couple of boxes of leaflets and one large purple banner which proclaims, “a peaceful death is everybody’s right”.
Most of it fits inside a couple of small suitcases – when venues have a habit of cancelling at the last minute, you quickly learn the benefits of being mobile. It was back in the late 1990s that Dr Nitschke founded the pro-euthanasia organisation Exit International and pretty much ever since he has been known in some circles Dr Death. more

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