Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Zealand Pro-Deathers Spin Increase In Elderly Suicides

Well no shocker here - that the New Zealand pro-deathers will jump on the increased number of elderly suicides to argue that this is a good reason to legalize euthanasia.
Record elderly suicides reignites end-of-life debate
The number of elderly New Zealanders killing themselves has surged 11% to a 10 year high, fuelling a foundation to call for a reassessment of New Zealand's end-of-life options.
The spate of deaths has pushed the country's overall number of death from suicide to 558, the highest since 1997.
While youth suicide rates continue to decrease, the 65-plus age group is growing, with 54 deaths this year - around 10% of all suicides.
The issue has reopened the debate on elective euthanasia, the New Zealand Voluntary Euthanasia organisation says. more

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