Thursday, November 17, 2011

Canada: Nonsense About Euthanasia "Safeguards"

Give me a break . . . Now that the Canadian Royal Society has recommended that euthanasia be legalized, the pro-death side are insisting on "safeguards." This is a ploy because it's impossible to build in safeguards to prevent abuse. The pro-deathers make a big deal about this, of course, because it makes them look as if they're acting responsibly. Balderdash.
Assisted suicide law needs safeguards: Report
A panel that is recommending the Federal government look at legalizing assisted suicide says there needs to be strong safeguards in place to prevent unwanted deaths.
The report, commissioned by the Royal Society of Canada, comes just as a BC woman is asking the BC Supreme Court to let her die with her doctor's help.
Gloria Taylor of Kelowna has Lou Gehrig's disease and is one of a handful of plaintiffs who want to amend Canada's assisted suicide laws.  Opponents, like the Attorney General of Canada, argue allowing assisted deaths could lead to elder abuse. more

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