Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canada: A Good Piece Opposing Euthanasia

Here's a great piece by Canadian Mark Pickup, who himself lives with a severe disability
The Eyeless “I” of Assisted Suicide, Fighting it in Canada
A Canadian court is considering a challenge to the nation’s law prohibiting assisted suicide and euthanasia. Consequently the topic is in the news. I received an email from a woman who doesn’t know what to think as the assisted suicide camp is pulling out all their compassionate sounding euphemisms to promote death. She wanted my thoughts. Below is the text of my comments to her:
Assisted suicide is not about pain control. Palliative care in the 21st Century has come so far as to be able to eliminate virtually all physical pain. Assisted suicide is about the illusion of personal control even over death.
Death is not a right, it is an eventuality that will visit us all regardless of what any law may state. It is life that must be protected. more

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