Sunday, November 13, 2011

India: Court's Guidelines For Euthanasia

Here's a readable piece laying out the Indian Supreme Courts guidelines around euthanasia issued after the request in the Shanbaug case.
Euthanasia & End-of-Life Issues in INDIA
. . . Closer to home, the Aruna Shanbaug case made headlines recently when the court ruled that Shanbaug will not be taken off life support. Aruna Shanbaug was a nurse at KEM hospital in Mumbai in 1973 when she was attacked and strangled. Although she survived, the incident left her in a vegetative state because of brain tissue death due to the lack of oxygen. Shanbaug has been at KEM hospital since, kept alive by a feeding tube. Social activists petitioned to have her taken off life support and allowed to die, stating that her state prevented her from her right to living with dignity. more

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