Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Zealand: Politicos Work To Raise Grassroots Support For Euthanasia

Here's one reason the pro-deathers seep into our politics - by working at the grassroots level with activists, thereby establishing their pro-death credentials and building a foothold for the future.
Hutt candidates debate euthanasia
All five Hutt South candidates would support a bill on assisted euthanasia to at least the select committee stage, voters were t last night.
About 30 people gathered at the Petone Library to hear the candidates - plus New Zealand First's Rongotai candidate Brent Pierson - tell them why they should get their vote.
Some questions generated heated debate while others got more light-hearted responses and banter, but one that was taken seriously from all candidates came from a woman in front who asked if they would support a euthanasia bill if elected to parliament. more

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