Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interesting Suicide Case From New Zealand

Here's a somewhat interesting case from New Zealand where a husband bought suicide equipment that his wife eventually used. However - this can't be said enough - how will we ever know whether the wife actually did the deed on her own or was she coerced by her husband? Looks like he didn’t in this case, but we'll never know for certain.
Accused in suicide trial tells of love for wife
For years Michael Palairet devoted his time and money to trying to keep his wife happy and alive. Now he stands accused of handing her the means to take her own life.
"I wanted to have her around. I have never stopped loving and admiring and adoring her," he told the Wellington jury that has decide if he assisted her suicide.
Eva Palairet, 68, was a former beauty who spiralled into depression and alcohol abuse as her looks faded and her four childr left home, the jury has been told. more

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