Saturday, November 5, 2011

NZ Editorial In The Tank For Sean Davison

Well, this editorial tries to be evenhanded but fails miserably. What they really mean about the debate "getting more pronounced" is that euthanasia will increasingly become acceptable behavior in New Zealand.
Editorial: Euthanasia debate will get more pronounced
The anguish felt by Sean Davison this week was palpable. In 2006, Davison gave his terminally ill, 85-year-old mother a glass of crushed morphine tablets in water.
Patricia Davison, a former medical practitioner, was suffering from cancer and was in pain and distress. She had earlier tried to starve herself to death. When the authorities became aware of what Sean Davison had done from an early manuscript of Before We Say Goodbye, a book he later published on the last months of his mother's life, he was charged with her attempted murder
This week that charge was dropped when Davison pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of procuring and inciting her attempted suicide. more

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