Friday, November 18, 2011

Media Spin: Those Life-Loving Dutchmen

Here's a piece in the tank for those life-loving Dutch who keep on killing more groups of people. The stats quoted are only a partial, biased glimpse of what is really happening in the Netherlands. There’s no mention of the infants and children with disabilities killed under the Groningen Protocol, for instance. It's a good lesson - read with care and know who the enemy is.
The Dutch are on the euthanasia slippery slope, right? Wrong
With the release of an important new report, and the launch of another Charter challenge, the debate about euthanasia is flaring up again. It will be passionate. You will hear emotional claims from both sides. Many people will listen to nothing else. But for those who want to be rational, those who want to learn as much as they can and draw a conclusion based on evidence, there is one essential fact to bear in mind.
The Dutch are more honest than we are. Remember that. more

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