Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Whining Pro-Death New Zealander

Poor baby Sean Davison. Helps kill his mother knowing that it is a criminal act and now he's whining that he should be with his family instead of facing a jail sentence. Davison also shows a stunning naïveté in being surprised that he is a poster child for the pro-deathers - not so much that he has turned down all the money they put up for his defense.
Mercy killing son may be confined in New Zealand
SOUTH African Professor Sean Davison, who this week pleaded guilty to the assisted suicide of his mother, faces jail or house arrest in New Zealand - and his wife and their two young sons will not be able to join him there.
" 'I found it hard to plead guilty because I couldn't accept that what I did to help my mother was a crime'"
Davison, 50, and his partner Raine Pan had planned to marry next year. He will be sentenced on November 24.
Davison this week pleaded guilty to assisting his ailing mother, Patricia, to die by giving her a lethal dose of morphine.
 He told the Sunday Times: "As far as my family is concerned it's as if I'm already in jail." more

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