Friday, November 25, 2011

New Zealand: For Assisted Suicide The Law Is Wrong

OK, help kill your mother - an illegal action under New Zealand law - get busted, and then blame the law for being wrong. Ho-hum: Same old pro-death spin - it's not their heinous acts that are wrong, it's the law.
New Zealand court sentences assisted suicide scientist
A scientist who helped his mother to die has been given five months' home detention by a court in New Zealand.
Sean Davison, a South Africa-based forensic specialist, admitted that he gave his 85-year-old mother a drink laced with morphine in 2006.
Judges in the city of Dunedin said he had acted out of "compassion and love" and not for personal gain.
But Davison told reporters that the sentence was unjust and he should never have been prosecuted. more

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