Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Canadian Pro-Deather Illogic

Ah, brilliant pro-deather logic in the Canadian assisted suicide hearing in the British Columbia High Court - the law makes criminals out of kindly citizens doing the right thing. How about we argue that laws against armed robbery really make criminals out of those who are only looking for some extra cash, so we should do away with armed robbery laws. Silly, just silly.
Assisted-suicide ban turns acts of compassion into criminal offences: lawyer
Current laws outlawing assisted suicide brand those acting with compassion as criminals, a lawyer representing a right-to-die group said Monday at a court hearing examining Canada’s euthanasia law.
Joe Arvay said during his opening statement in the B.C. Supreme Court that the court will hear the evidence of Gloria Taylor and others who have grievous illnesses and want the option of seeking physician-assisted death should their suffering become intolerable. more

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