Sunday, November 27, 2011

India: More Impoverished People Seek Euthanasia

So it goes. Hard on the heels of the Aruna Shambaug case in India, which precipitated the Indian Supreme Court to open the door for euthanasia, is another patient asking to die - read all the reasons, and see how in impoverished countries euthanasia is an awfully attractive option.
Impoverished heart patient seeks euthanasia
Suffering from abject poverty and excruciating pains, a bed-ridden woman in Ganjam district has requested to be granted euthanasia.
Jhunu Behera (38), a resident of K Barida village under Beguniapada block, has sought permission from President Pratibha Patil and Odisha governor M C Bhandare to be allowed to die. "I don't want to give any more trouble to my family members, I just want to die," said the mother of four in a recent letter to the President. more

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