Monday, November 21, 2011

Does Censorship Help The Pro-Deathers?

This Aussie piece makes the case that censoring info and actions related to assisted suicide and euthanasia only makes the cause more visible.
Deadly censorship games: keeping a tight lid on the euthanasia debate
This week The Conversation is publishing a series on talking about death and dying. We start today with the fraught question of euthanasia.
There’s plenty of information available on how to kill yourself violently, so why does the Australian government so vigorously censor information on peaceful methods?
Voluntary euthanasia societies have long been pushing to legalise death with dignity. According to opinion polls, a strong majority of Australians support legalisation, yet Australian governments have been unreceptive. When the Northern Territory government legalised euthanasia in 1996, the federal parliament overruled the law less than a year later. more

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