Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Zealand: Davison Escapes Attempted Murder Charge

Wel, golly gee, in the NZ Davison Trial he gets off with a much smaller charge and avoids conviction of attempted murder. Prediction 1: Davison will spin this as a victory for the pro-deathers. Prediction 2: The NZ and Aussie pro-death lobby will have another poster child for the cause.
Euthanasia trial: lesser guilty plea
The trial of scientist Sean Davison, accused of attempting to murder his mother, ended at the High Court in Dunedin today when he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.
Davison (50) was on trial on a charge of attempting to murder his terminally ill mother Patricia Elizabeth Davison, 85, a former medical practitioner.
He today pleaded guilty to an alternative lesser charge of inciting and procuring his mother's suicide. more

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