Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Let Pro-Deathers Hide Behind Their Victimhood

Here’s a very interesting piece that looks at an aspect I have long recognized – that pro-death poster people avoid tough questions by hiding behind their victimhood.
Stephen Hawking And Assisted Suicide
Today is the ancient feast-day of Epiphany - marking the moment Christians believe the Magi, the Three Wise Men, came face to face with the infant Christ.
In the secular world, to have an epiphany has assumed a new meaning. An epiphany is a sudden moment of realisation; of the scales falling; a new way of looking at something.
My epiphanies are low-rent affairs, confined to the the twilight world of the news presenter on a 24-hour news channel.
Yesterday's epiphany came during a debate about assisted suicide. I was interviewing the friend of a woman who had taken her own life at the Dignitas clinic in Zurich. more

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