Saturday, January 28, 2012

UK: Resistance To Assisted Suicide Continues To Crumble

This news pushes the UK to the brink of a complete shambles as to what to do about assisted suicide. First the government “clarified” assisted suicide law to say those who helped people commit suicide (still a crime on the books) wouldn’t be prosecuted. Now the news that lawyers will not be held criminally liable for seeking out assisted suicide experts for their clients who want to commit assisted suicide. Heaven help us all.
UK court says lawyers can help right-to-die man
A paralyzed British man who wants to die won the first round in his legal battle Friday, when the High Court ruled his lawyers won't be prosecuted if they seek out experts to help him commit suicide.
The man, who is in his 40s and identified only as Martin, has locked-in syndrome after a stroke and communicates by moving his eyes. He says he wants to end his life, and his lawyers sought a declaration that they could seek information about his options — including Swiss assisted-suicide clinics — to help him prepare a legal challenge. more

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